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Do It Yourself Parent blog is a creative collection of artistic musings, fun family activities, inspiring ideas, and hope-filled images. Truthfully, stuff I like but intended for a parenting audience, including but not limited to...

Single parents, married parents, divorced parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, foster parents, adoptive parents, teen parents, Gay and Lesbian parents, Stay-At-Home parents, step parents, Type A parents, Type B parents, Tiger parents, Alpha parents, future parents, Kinship Parents, Transracial family parents, Commuting parents, parents juggling work and family, circus parents, free-range parents, helicopter parents, authoritarian parents, democratic parents, permissive parents, attachment parents, group home parents, Artsy parents, Not-So-Artsy parents, bookworm parents, outdoor loving parents, comic con parents, social media addicted parents, Facebook parents, Pinterest parents, Twitter parents, Tumblr parents, and parents who stay heavily caffeinated (expects lots of photos of coffee).

Ron Huxley is an artist, family therapist, father of four and grandparent of two (so far)...

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