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Behold…Jeremiah 32:17


Must-Have Lunch Box Products

Practical, adorable, and FUN lunch box items!! <— not gonna lie, I want every single one of these….for my kids, of course……

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DIY 2 Ingredient Air Dry Clay Recipe and Tutorial from Creature Comforts. Lots of tips at the link for making this DIY turn out correctly. All you need is baking soda, cornstarch and water. 



parenthacks Sarah came up with an awesome idea for protecting cupcakes in lunchboxes, use an old cupcake case tub #parenthacks


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Cool off on those hot summer days with your own DIY sprinkler! Making one is easy and only requires a few ingredients. Grab an adult and a towel and learn how it’s done with Mya, the Full-Time Kid.


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Parents need all the breaks they can get.

Wait… A patenting-related Buzzfeed list that isn’t insulting? I didn’t think these existed.

BRB. Going to go look for a unicorn.

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